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Our Supporters

Unitaritan Universalist Fellowship of Waynesboro, VA . 

A special thank you to the group of people who cared enough to respond to the pleas that Susan and Jonathan made for help.  
The donations totalling $3,200 in cash and the goods sent to Grenada.
Thank you to our friends, donors, helpers and Condor Airlines in Germany

Our friends Birgit & Rudi (Stuttgart), Andrea & Herlov (Hamburg) and Andrea Gittens from Frankfurt raised over 150 boxes of donations (clothes, towels, linnen, toys, food, shoes ...) and transported them to Frankfurt for the first Condor Flight. Condor Airlines agreed to transport the entire shipment free of charge, and in fact donated more than 2000Kg of space on their flight, which arrived in Grenada direct from Frankfurt on November 9th. Another flight is planned to arrive with relief aid on the 28th of November.

We would also like to thank the German company BIRKEL which donated 700kg Pasta, Möbel Walther from Frankfurt for 4 boxes of Slippers Mr. Muh from Hamburg who donated 100kg Rice and so many many more who donated their time and efforts. Thank you!!!!!! A special thanks to Terry Charles of the Grenada Red Cross for his invaluable assistance on the airport. We would also like to thank the many people who helped us with loading and transporting the goods...Carl, Selwyn, Mandoo, Kai, Anja and Ian, which as you can see, was not an easy task.
So far, we have managed to sort the donations and given out a fair amount, with more going out today (Thur 11/11) and tomorrow. By this weekend, we will have managed to deliver 70% to the most needy people in the Mornetout, Mt.Agnis area of St.Davids parish.

Also big thank you to:

The Virgin Islands Charteryacht League for the proceeds of a fundraising event.

Mr & Mrs Larsen (VA)
Macolm Harding (VT)
Family Freemann (UK)
Joerg & Bruna (CH)
Tim & Mike from North London:,
The Saskatchewan Royal Canandian Mounted Police
Virgin Holidays staff in London
One kind tourist here
Once again, our thanks seem inadequate: donations so far, translated into food, have been desperately gratefully received.

For more information you can contact us at