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Our Team

After Hurricane Ivan, Grenada was a disaster area. Even the local emergency organisations were overwhelmed, as they could hardly have planned for a disaster of such magnitude. A group of us got together with concerned friends and family overseas, and decided we would do our best to assist the neediest of our fellow Grenadians, particularly in remote areas which the larger relief organisations seemed tohave overlooked.
Consequently, we have been collecting donations, shipping them here and distributing them ourselves.

Our goal is not simply to collect donations for our small organisation, (though we pledge to deliver any such donations to those who need it most); but to encourage people to give as much as they can to any reputable organisation which is helping Grenada. Help is so badly needed after this natural disaster.

Our small group includes the follwing people;

Monja & Neil Winsborrow

We make sure that the site is updated, answering emails, writing emails to companies, newspapers around the world and trying our best to get support from all over for Grenada. Additionally we pack and distribute the donations once they arrive.

Ian Blaikie
(Sunsation Tours)

Our organizer and best writer; he contacts companies and friends around the world and tries his best to organize as much support as he can get. Distributes donations around Grenada.

Simon Seales
(Mandoo Tours)

Drives around the island and reports to us on the neediest places; distributes donations and gives us all the support we need.

Kai & Anja
(Grand Meadow)

Both are in contact with the press in Germany; they started the first fund raising in Germany. Great supporters, and they give us a hand whenever we need them.

Sandcrab (Jim)
Keeping the Grenada Travel forum under control and posting the latest news & updates on the board. Also raising money in Canada & United States.

Andrea & Herlov
(Friends in Hamburg)

Collecting and raising money in Germany.

Birgit & Rudi
(Friends in Stuttgart)

Collecting and raising money in Germany.



Collecting and raising donations in Germany, plus taking care of our shipments with condor.

For more information you can contact us at