St. Joseph’s Convent St. George’s Grenada, West Indies
Damage Assessment  Resulting From Hurricane Ivan On September 7th 2004.

The school compound is made up of six (6) buildings. Each building was assessed separately.

Building I Administrative Block:

A two (2) Storey Structure
Wooden Floors
Date of Construction – possibly around 1915.
Measurement: 55' 10' x 46' 5'

Top Floor: Secretaries Office, Common Room, Staff Room, Vice Principal’s Office, Reception Room,Parlour, Store Room, Principal’s Office

Ground Floor: Equipment room, Audio Visual Room, Information Technology Department and Commercial Department. 

Assessed Damage:
80% of roof and ceiling completely destroyed.  Partitions, water damaged.  Walls on easternside cracked and crumbled.  Floor damaged and water logged, windows damaged.  Electrical wiring in disarray.

Furniture & Equipment:

Principal’s Office 
Reception Room
1 Dell Computer   1 Printer 1 Piano 1 Fan
Public Address System Fax Machine 1 Desk  2 Chairs
2 Cassette/C.D. Recorders Audio & Video Tapes
1 Desk  4 Chairs 
3 Filing Cabinets Reference Books Copy Machine 1 Fan
2 Window Blinds 2 Fans 3 Chairs
1 Television 1 Microphone
1 Camera 1 Shrub Trimmer
Secretaries Office
1 Power Drill 3 Filing Cabinets (Vandalized)

1 Computer
Staff Room & Vice Principal’s Office
4 Desks 20 Chairs
Information Technology Lab
2 Computers 2 Filing Cabinets 20 Computers A.C. Unit
20 Desks & Chairs 4 Printers
Commercial Department
10 Fans
12 Classrooms Desks & Chairs 4 Computers
6 Manual Typewriters 10 Electronic Typewriters
Copy Machine 2 Filing Cabinets
3 Tables / 3 Chairs 3 Desks


Based on a survey carried out by Kenrick Gabriel and Associates Civil/Structural Engineer & Project Manager the recommendation is that the said building be demolished. The area of the building is 2591 sq ft.

Estimated cost to reconstruct a two-storey building is approximately EC 850,000.00

Building II

Main block - A three (3) Storey Structure
Wooden & Concrete Floors
Date of Construction 1940
Measurement 148' x 48' (45m x 12m)

Top Floor: Senior Forms 4 & 5, Washrooms, Sick Bay, Study Areas 
Ground Floor: Assembly Hall, Stage
Basement: The Library, Home Management & Agricultural  Science Departmentsand Store Room.

 Assessed Damage:
Structure Part of roof blown off.  Roof sheets torn and punched.  Ceilings damaged from rain and wind.  Broken window panes, Timber partitions separating classes damaged and dislodged.  Over 60% of timber purlins in roof destroyed.  Electrical wiring in complete disarray.  The entire ceiling in top floor and assembly Hall completely destroyed.

Furniture & Equipment

Assembly Hall
Senior Classrooms (4th & 5th Forms)
30 Folding Chairs 1 Chalk Board 50 Desks & 78 Chairs 2 Cupboards
1 Speaker 8 Fans 1 Bed 1 Mattress
2 Pillows 1 Toilet Set
Basement (Library etc.)
4 Computers 2 Mattresses
1 Cutting Table


Area of three- storey building is 7, 104 sq ft.
Estimated cost to reconstruct is three hundred and seventy-one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents (EC $371, 117.50)

 Building III:

A two (2) Storey Structure divided into four (4) classrooms, two (2) on the upper and two (2) on the lower level. Housing the 1st Year Students 
Wooden Floors
The oldest of the buildings erected before 1875.
Measurement 36' x 36'  

Assessed Damage:
Roof shaken from wind and may have connections whose integrity is questionable.
 Cracked and termite eaten timber beams, damaged and collapsed partitions,
 collapsed large window openings.  Doors dismantled, Broken window panes.

Furniture & Equipment

12 Desks 18 Chairs 5 Fans


Area of two-storey building is 1296 sq ft.
Estimated cost to reconstruct is sixty-six thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars
 (EC $66, 912.00)

Building IV:

Three (3) Storey Structure
Wooden & Concrete Floors
Measurement: 70' x 25' (21.3m x 8m)
Construction Date: 1955
Top Floor: 2nd year Students and Prayer Room.
Ground Floor: Science Laboratories
Basement Food Lab. 
 Assessed Damage:-       
Structure - Structural Damage.  Roof completely destroyed ceilings destroyed from the effects of rain and wind.  Partitions collapsed and  water damaged.  Southern outer wall broken, cracked.  Electrical wiring in disarray.  Broken windows. Floors buckling from the effects of the rain and sun.

Furniture and Equipment

1 Television 1 VCR 2 Whiteboards 49 Desks 61 Chairs


Area of Building is 1750 sq ft.
Estimated cost to reconstruct is one hundred and forty-two thousand seven hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-one cents (EC $142, 748.71)

 Building V:

Three (3) Storey Structure
Construction Date: 1996
Measurement: 45'  3' x 34' 3'
Housing 3rd Year Students. 
Top Floor: Two (2) Classrooms
Second Floor: Art Room, Washrooms, Cafeteria and Garage
Ground Floor: Two (2) Classrooms, Workroom

Assessed Damage:
Structure - All roof sheets blown away.  Timber partition separating classroom damaged from water.  Entire suspended ceiling completely destroyed.  All electrical wiring in complete disarray.  Over 70% of timber purlins in roof destroyed.  Broken windows and doors. Rubber tiles in basement destroyed 

Furniture & Equipment

3 Cupboards 1 Easel 2 Chalkboards 4 Doors
25 Desks 31 Chairs Musical Instruments: Drums, Steel Pans


 Area of Building is 1550 sq ft.
Estimated cost to reconstruct the building is one hundred thousand six hundred and eighty-two and eighty-six cents (EC $100,682.86).

Building VI:

A Single Storey Structure
Measurement: 46'  6' x  24'  3'
Games, Equipment and Music Room

Assessed Damage:
Structure -
Roof and ceiling destroyed.  Walls cracked.  Electrical wiring in disarray.

Furniture & Equipment

3 Folding Tables 1 Ping Pong Table Sports Gear


 Area of building 1, 132 sq ft
Estimated Cost to reconstruct is thirty thousand two hundred and thirty-four dollars andsixty- five cents. (EC $30, 234.65)