Hurricane Ivan destroyed our beautiful 'Isle of Spice' on September 7th, 2004
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Released by “Relax Records”
Jerry A Seales - President
Victoria Street, Grenville
Song is Copyrighted

This song was written shortly after Hurricane Ivan aimed it's fury directly at Grenada September 7th, 2004.
Mike Meranski of La Sagesse Nature Resort composed the music and lyrics on the nights of September 12/13 & 14.
A few days later he played the song for Dr. Jerry Seales, an attorney at law, and Grenadian Entertainer.
As producer Jerry arranged Pellam Goddard Studio in Trinidad to record "Dat's my man Ivan".
Together with Andy Smart who is producing the video portion (Nov.11th,04), the three of them traveled to Trinidad for a single recording session.

Vocal & Lyrics: Mike Meranski (
Keyboards: Jerry Seales
produced by: Caliston Pantor and Andy Smart
Engineering: Caliston Pantor
Additional music arrangements and background vocal arrangement Caliston pantor
Recorded at Agra9 Studios owned by Pelham Goddard the foremost calypso roadmarch maker in Trinidad and Tobago  
HELP Grenada
All proceeds raised by this AUDIO/VIDEO production will benefit Artists / Musicans who have lost their homes, studios, equipmewnt & supplies and with your generousity we will also aid the staffs of La Sagesse Nature Centre and Belmont Estate and many others in the tourism Sector.